What are the tour times?

  • Sunset Cruise – 2.5hr – Summer: 16h00 – 17h00 / Winter: 15h00
  • Lunch Cruise – 2.5hr – Summer: 11h00, 12h00 or 13h00 / Winter: 11h00 or 12h00
  • Short Sail – 1.5hr – Summer: 10h00 or 11h00 / Winter: 10h00
  • Day Sail – 4hr – Summer: 10h00 or 11h00 / Winter: 10h00
  • Private Charters – All day subject to availability

How do I make a reservation?
Call us on +2744 382 0321 or +2744 382 0421 or +27 82 852 9402
By e-mailing Springtide Sailing Charters at info@springtide.co.za
To make an immediate confirmed booking, click here

Do I need to book in advance?
Yes. There is a high demand for our tours. We advise you to book well in advance.

What will I see?
Although our vessel is not a permitted close encounter whale watching vessel, during the winter migration months, you may see both Humpback and Southern Right whales. Guests have also been enthralled with many dolphin sightings on their cruises. Dolphins species include Long Beaked Common dolphin, Bottlenose dolphin and all year coastal resident, the Humpback Dolphin. We have had sporadic sightings of the world’s largest dolphin – the Orca. Knysna also attracts a variety of pelagic birds such as the Cape Gannet, Gulls, African Penguin, Cape Cormorant, White-Breasted Cormorant, Terns, White Chin Petrel, Wandering Albatross, Yellow-Nosed Albatross, Sub-Antarctic Skua, and the Cory shearwater.

What happens if the sea and weather conditions are not suitable?
Springtide’s cruises are always dependent on weather & sea conditions. We constantly monitor the weather and respond professionally to any changes. This may mean a tour is postponed and we will endeavour to accommodate you on a later trip. If trips are cancelled, we will refund your payment. Passenger comfort and safety is always our priority.

If my tour is cancelled, will I be transferred to the next one?
No. When a tour is cancelled, we will do our best to accommodate you on another one. However, you need to request this.

How long are your tours?
Each cruise varies in duration. Our Sunset and Lunch cruises are 2 ½ hours. We have a short sail of 1 ½ hours for visitors who are on a tight schedule. For sailing enthusiasts, our 4 hour sailing cruise will have you out in the Ocean for a minimum of 3 hours. Alternatively, you can hire the vessel for any number of hours for a private charter (subject to availability).

What shall I wear on my sailing cruise?
In the winter months, you need to dress warmly and wear socks as we have a no-shoes policy on our vessel. Even during the hot summer months, we recommend you bring a waterproof jacket in case of unexpected weather changes. We do supply blankets for those cold winter days.

What if I suffer from motion-sickness?
It is advisable to contact a medical practitioner if you require medication however, motion sickness medications are available from most pharmacies.

Can I buy batteries or memory cards aboard the Springtide vessel?
No. So please stock up on these items beforehand.

Does Springtide sell food and drinks on board?
Yes, most of our cruises are catered cruises and your meal cost is included in the package. We have a full service cash bar available which is fully stocked with a range of alcoholic and soft beverages.

Safety and medical information
Our vessel is subject to strict regulations and is properly licenced and sea-worthy. Outeniqua is inspected by the local marine authority, SAMSA. Our crew is first and fore most concerned with the safety & comfort of our passengers and are trained in safety, emergency procedures, and customer service. Passengers are provided with a safety briefing prior to departure covering all aspects of the trip and what to expect when out on the ocean. We take great pride in our vessels and crew but also in maintaining the highest level of service. Each guest is fitted with a Laliza self-inflating life-jacket which conforms with SAMSA’s regulations. All vessels have the required fire and safety equipment to ensure a safe journey. Passengers must remember that the boat is a moving platform, an experience that will be new for some. While on board, all passengers must observe the following policies:

  • While on board all passengers must adhere to all safety announcements.
  • Must keep both feet on deck at all times.
  • Standing on seats or benches is prohibited.
  • Sitting on seat backs or railings is prohibited.

Tipping Information
Tips for staff members are always welcome but not expected.

What happens if it rains?
Our cruises can continue in light rain and we will provide you with a waterproof poncho if we suspect that it may start raining. Passengers can also go below deck. We will, however, cancel our trip should weather conditions not be suitable.

Are there toilet facilities on board?
Yes, we have two toilet facilities on board.

Are your tours wheelchair-friendly?
No! Unfortunately our vessel is not designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Can tour costs change without notice?
Yes. Our vessel does use fuel if wind conditions are not conducive to sailing and as such we are at the mercy of fuel increases and the Rand/Dollar exchange rate. We do plan our rates well in advance and absorb such costs as much as possible. However, we may need to increase costs from time to time.

Will I get a refund if I can’t make the trip?
There will be no refund if you do not arrive for your tour and have not notified us of your cancellation at least 7 days in advance. We will also not refund you if you miss your departure. We will only issue a full refund in the case of a weather cancellation and you are unable to re-schedule for another day. We will only refund via the same method of payment received for your booking i.e. if you paid with a specific credit card, we can only refund back into that credit card.

Things to bring

  • Camera or Camcorder
  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged or you have a spare set to ensure you don’t miss the “money shot”. And don’t forget you memory card.
  • Cozy socks!
  • We have a strict no shoes policy on-board and guests are advised to bring socks during the colder season.
  • Warm clothes
  • Ideally you should wear a nice warm jacket or hoodie as it can get really chilly out on the ocean. We will supply you with a blanket if the day is colder than normal.
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • On sunny days you may get sunburn so please make sure you have adequate sun protection. Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from glare off the water.