A Springtide Valentine’s love story

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Long-beaked common dolphin

It’s hardly surprising that Donald Dolphin loves Springtide Sailing Charters’ yacht Outeniqua so much: she has, after all, a particularly lovely bottom.


But don’t get us wrong. This isn’t a tale about a poor cetacean’s salacious obsession with an inanimate object – because although we like to think of the Outeniqua as having a spirit of adventure, we have to face facts: she remains a machine. A very luxurious and comfortable machine, but a machine nonetheless.


No, in our story, Outeniqua serves simply as the catalyst for love.


It’s not that she does this on porpoise, you understand: it’s just a natural thing that happens. For dolphins as much as for the people on board. Donald, you see, was a long-beaked common dolphin who was anything but common. A sensitive soul, he loved to dance on the waves as much as any of his kind (long-beaked common dolphins swim in pods of up to ten THOUSAND individuals – imagine seeing that!); but more, he loved to make of his dance a statement of his personality.


In short – he was lonely for love, he wanted a girl, and he was a showoff.


With his enigmatic, dolphinny smile, his dark back and his white belly, his sides painted with hourglass patterns in greys and golden yellows, he was a strapping youngster and a handsome feller indeed.


But the competition for the ladies is always strong with these guys, and Donald knew that he had to find an edge if he wanted to win the girl. And that’s where Outeniqua comes in.


Don noticed that the Outeniqua sailed out of The Knysna Heads regularly – almost every day, in fact, and often two and three times a day – and that her sleek lines allowed her to cut through the water with extreme grace and style, so, wishing to emulate her, he swam alongside her one day, and began to surf her bow wave.


It was on a particular February 14th that the lovely Daphne saw our Donald at play: so smooth, so poised, so porpoiseful in his actions – and she loved him completely and immediately.


You know that moment in the movies when the girl looks at the boy…? Like that. Only more so.


That was years ago, of course, and now the happy couple have a family of their own: Junior was born about 11 months after his parents wedding night, and his sisters appeared at intervals of between two and three years. And they remain fiercely loyal to the yacht that provided that elegant bow wave that first brought mum and dad together.


So give them a wave when next you’re aboard, won’t you?


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